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Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board Review

Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board ReviewCutting boards may seem like a generic accessory to have in your kitchen. However, until you find the right one for your needs, you won’t know how useful they can truly become.

With its beautiful two-tone wood that is an excellent decorative accent and the fact that it can be used as both a cutting board and a serving tray, the Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board is not your typical kitchen tool.


With plenty to offer, it’s an item that you’ll want to buy not only for yourself but for every other at-home chef in your family

The Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board has a similar design to many other cutting boards on the market. However, what sets it apart from the competition is its sturdy design as well as the two-tone wood exterior that is the perfect choice for displaying cheeses, baked goods, or even keeping your favorite mix master off of your counter.

Another thing that makes it unique is that it’s designed with the everyday homeowner in mind, which means that it’s easily adaptable to any situation, whether you want to carve meat or cut a loaf of bread to enjoy with a warm bowl of chili. Designed using non-toxic, formaldehyde-free materials, this board will help you to prepare delicious and safe meals for your entire family.

Who Is this Product for?

One of the largest advantages to the Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board is that it’s fully adaptable to any type of cooking environment, no matter if you cook every other day or if you’re a professional chef. It’s constructed with an ample amount of strength that is also soft enough on your knives, protecting them from dulling over time.

Bamboo cutting boards are phenomenal for people who want more control when working with different ingredients. This is because it’s not an incredibly tough surface that will shift around on your countertop any time that you apply pressure to your meats or vegetables.

​Also, if you’re someone who has a concern about manufacturing practices and the materials they use when making most other wood cutting boards, you can rest easy. The company ensures that there aren’t any harmful components in this organic bamboo cutting board.



​Overview of the Features

The most interesting features of the Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board include:

Requires very little maintenance

With lesser quality wood cutting boards, you’re going to need to pay close attention to when they need to be oiled. At the same time, you will also have to make sure they aren’t exposed to a lot of moisture.

With the Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board, however, you should only have to use mineral oil on its surface once a week. This dries very easily too, preventing the likelihood of splintering and warping.

Knife-friendly surface

With other types of cutting boards, such as glass and plastic, your knives are at risk of becoming dull after a few uses. However, the organic bamboo used in this cutting board is better for your cutlery and knives.

Commercial-grade construction

Even though you’re likely to use the cutting board in your home kitchen, it can be comforting to know that it was designed with professional chefs in mind. Hence, you’ll get all of the advantages of a commercial-grade cutting board minus the bulky and hefty appearance.

Lifetime guarantee

Another big difference between the Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board and other cutting boards is that you have access to a lifetime guarantee, which protects your cutting board against separating, cracking, and splintering.

What’s more is that you’ll easily be able to make the most out of your investment over the years, though you will still need to maintain it to ensure it stays in its best condition.

Carved juice grooves

​As an added convenience, you’ll surely appreciate the carved juice grooves surrounding the perimeter of the cutting board. These grooves are ideal for catching juices from fruits, vegetables, and meats so that they don’t spill over onto your countertop.

​How to Get the Most Out of this Product

Using the Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board is simple, which is why it’s one of our favorite cutting boards. However, there are a couple of things to take note of in order to make the most out of your purchase.

As mentioned above, bamboo cutting boards require some maintenance in order to make sure they don’t start splintering, swelling, or warping over time. When you first receive your cutting board, you’ll want to rub food grade mineral oil along its surface gently. What does this do?

This maintenance technique helps to make sure that the wood retains a healthy amount of moisture. For this, you’ll want to avoid other types of oil, such as olive oil, as it will sour and add a strange taste and smell to the board.

This process should be repeated at least once a week, or if you find that your cutting board is particularly dry after washing it throughout the week.

Aside from making sure it’s regularly oiled, cleaning your new cutting board is straightforward too. You can just use your regular dish soap, and it will easily disinfect the surface.


There are plenty of different bamboo cutting boards on the market, which makes it easy to find a comparable product to the Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board. Our favorite alternative is the Kitchen Basix Bamboo Cutting Board (3-Piece Set).

This product comes with three cutting boards of various sizes for less than the Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board.

The Kitchen Basix boards are also designed using non-stick and non-slip technology on both sides, which make them all double-sided and easy to use. Also, all of the boards are 100% BPA-free and contain no toxic elements.

We recommend to also read our article on “​Best Cutting Board for Meat of 2021: Complete Reviews with Comparisons“.


The first time you look at the Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board, you’ll be able to tell how beautiful it would be if it were displayed in your kitchen. In fact, this is also the reason why it would make a phenomenal gift for baby showers, housewarming parties, and more.

Aside from its appearance, it also performs at the top of its class. This cutting board boasts a hard enough wood to hold up over the years yet is still gentle on your freshly sharpened knives and cutlery.

Easy to clean and maintain, there surely isn’t more that you could ask for in a cutting board.

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