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Grillart Grill Brush Review

Easy Function Grill Brush: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Grillart Grill Brush

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What We Like

  • Equipped with a built-in scraper
  • Solid, twisted wire construction
  • Deep cleaning action
  • Cleans faster than the others

What We Don’t Like

  • The brush itself is difficult to clean

Cleaning your grill can be tough, especially if you don’t have the required tools or materials to do so. Well, instead of turning to traditional style metal scrubbers, you can instead try and use the Grillart Grill Brush.

It features a safer design that won’t leak any metal or residue and is compatible with every grill type. If you’re looking for your next grill grate cleaning tool, then read on since we will be evaluating the brush in detail.


Grillart Grill Brush Review

The issue with traditional style grill brushes is that they’re often made with a metal that tends to have bristles. The recent debate has been: if the bristles on the brush fall out, they tend to get picked up by the food that you grill.

Later, you or your dinner guests ingest these metal scraps that can’t be digested by the body and ultimately could cause serious health hazards. To avoid this, the Grillart manufactured brushes with a bristle-free design.

Who Is This Product For?

This brush is for anyone who owns a grill and is looking for an effective method for cleaning their grill grates. Cleaning solutions and other forms of tools aren’t as practical as this cleaning brush. If you’re looking for an effective method for getting the gunk and buildup from food, then this brush is for you.

What’s Included?

The package includes the Grillart Grill Brush that has a dimension of 17.9 x 6.1 x 3.8 inches and approximate total weight of 12 ounces.

Overview of Features

The most notable features of the Grillart Grill Brush are:

  • Enhanced safety: The brush is made from a nylon material which ensures that there is going to be no extra residue or bristles left on your grill. Your food will be 100% safe to eat, allowing you to eat without worry.
  • Fast cleaning: When it comes to taking off most residues, you’d be surprised at how effective a grill brush can be. This grill brush is made with a wider scraper which allows you to clean more of your grill in less time. The grill brush is enhanced up to 135% thicker and features a triple helix which allows up to five times faster cleaning than others on the market.
  • Compatibility: The upgraded thicker helix allows you to reach more and clean hard-to-reach spots. No matter what type of grill you have, whether gas, smoker, porcelain, infrared, or charcoal, the brush can be used. In fact, it’s been proven and tested to work on major grill brands such as the Weber, Foreman, and Char-Broil.
  • High quality: The Grillart brush is built to last and is made from durable and long-lasting materials. It features an 18-inch sturdy plastic handle which allow you to have a steady grip while you clean. The extended length of the handle also allows your hands to be farther away from the grill, ensuring that you won’t burn your hands while scrubbing.
  • Money-back guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with your unit or you just find that it’s broken or isn’t working right, you can receive a full refund or replacement at any time.
    How to Use

First, you’re going to want to turn your grill to the highest setting. Next, use the grill scraper to scrape the grates, dipping it in water to produce steam that enhances the cleaning process.

Continuously dip the brush into the water before continuing to scrub around the grate and grill. Work in square sections and always run the brush horizontally to the grates. Unlike others, don’t glide it the same way you would a wired brush. Angle the brush backward, so that you can produce an even deeper clean.


While the Grillart provides a strong and durable brush that is safe to use, it may not have the strength you’re looking for. An alternative is the Kona Best Scraper Grill Brush. It’s one of the fastest grill cleaning brushes that has improved grime scrubbing power and a unique triple head to pick up a majority of leftover residue.

The head is made from a heavy duty stainless steel material and allows you to clean your grill quickly. It’s compatible with all grill types and can keep your grill looking like it just came out of the package.

The durability is more rigid than a conventional brush and will not bend. The handle length is long and prevents your hand from getting burnt or heated while you’re scrubbing your grill. There’s also a five-year guarantee, which can help if you need to replace an old brush that isn’t working right.


When it comes to keeping your grill clean, it’s essential to have a safe and working grill brush. The Grillart is an excellent model because the company is aware that metal bristles can be dangerous to your health.

The Grillart Grill Brush is made with sturdy nylon which still can clean without any issues. The elongated handle allows you to safely scrub from a distance, protecting your hands from any heat.

Hopefully, you’ve found this review useful and no matter which of the two brushes you choose, you can’t go wrong.

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