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Kitchenready Grill Brush Review

Kitchenready Grill Brush: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Kitchenready Grill Brush

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What We Like

  • Innovative brush design
  • Cleans deeply and thoroughly
  • Strong construction
  • Promotes scratch-free cleaning

What We Don’t Like

  • Narrow brush head
  • Premium price tag

The recent debate regarding bristle-style grill cleaners has been sweeping the BBQ community. Everyone who previously used bristle brushes to clean their grill suddenly stopped and resorted to spot cleaning and scrubbing with cleansers or mild detergents.

However, these methods can only clean your grill so far. After multiple uses, your grill would build up grease, grime, food residue, and other particles that keep it from looking pristine. That said, we will introduce you to an excellent grill brush that is currently making a name in the market.


Kitchenready Grill Brush Review

Using the Kitchenready Grill Brush is one of the safest methods for cleaning your grill. The brush helps to remove the residue left by previous grilling sessions and helps prevent your food from having a mixture of tastes.

Instead, you’ll taste pure hamburger, steak, or chicken—technically whatever you’re grilling. It’s a premium designed model which is bristle-free and can help make your grill grates squeaky clean.

Who Is This Product For?

Anyone who has a grill or plans to purchase a grill in the near future can appreciate the Kitchenready Grill Brush. It’s much different than your traditional style bristle brushes and features scrubbing and cleaning power to help get rid of extra food residue and rust. If you’re looking for a safer alternative to other types of cleaners, then this brush is for you.

What’s Included?

The package only includes the Kitchenready Grill Brush that has a dimension of 18 x 5 x 2.5 inches and weight of around 15.2 ounces.

Overview of Features

Here are the things that you would expect from the Kitchenready Grill Brush:

  • Enhanced Safety

For enhanced safety, this brush features an 18-inch handle which can help keep your hand away from open heat emanating from your grill. The bristle-free design also keeps your food protected both from previous food particles as well as bristles that other types of brushes on the market have.

  • Durable Design

The brush is made with a three coil stainless steel brush which is strong enough to scrub the grit and grime stuck between your grill grates. Flip the coil over, and you can use the brush side to scrub hard-to-clean places. The scraping end can also be useful for any buildup of meat or char that got stuck on your grill from previous uses.

  • Two-in-One Brush

Unlike other brushes, it features a 2-in-1 design that deep cleans in between grates and also easily removes chunks of char and rust. The coils feature both 201 stainless steel wire and a mix of 304 stainless steel scraper, both of which are very durable.

The 2-in-1 grill brush has coils on one end and can be flipped over to be used as a scraper. This makes cleaning easier, as you’ll have multiple options to get the gunk off of your grill grate. The coils are also backed up by reinforced metal buckles, which allow you to scrub harder than average.

How to Use

Step one should be turning your grill to the highest setting and allowing the grates to heat up. Step two will enable you to dip your scrubber in water and create a steam-type cleaning system which helps loosen all sorts of residue and leftover food particles.

Step three is to use the scraper to get scraps of meat, grease, char, and dirt off the grill racks. Then, flip the brush over and use the other side to clean in between each grate.


While the Kitchready is an excellent model, it may not have the same scrubbing capacity as other brushes. The Genuine Gray Brand Grill Brush is a much more efficient scrubber that allows you to clean all over each grate, making cleanup a breeze. The design of this unit features a 17-inch long handle that keeps your hand away from the heat and hot grates while you’re scrubbing.

There are precisely three coils on one end, and the whole unit is built in a triangular shape, allowing you to scrub in every direction. Just slide the scraper in between the grates, and you’ll be able to clean all around in one swoop. There is a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee which lasts a lifetime.


Let’s face it: grilling enhances the taste of food and allows you to create fantastic barbecue meats. However, the downside is that it requires a lot of effort to clean the grill. It’s tempting not to clean the grill every time, which results in a build up of leftover meat and char.

This not only ruins your next batch of grilled food but also wears down the grates. To prevent this, it’s critical to find a scrubbing system that cleans well.

Both of the options we’ve listed are affordable, reliable, and built from stainless steel materials. This ensures you’re getting a reliable and long-lasting grill cleaner that won’t leave any grease and dirt behind

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