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Midori Way Small Bamboo Cutting Board Review

Midori Way Small Bamboo Cutting Board ReviewWhen you start searching for a new cutting board, you’ll find that plenty of models are heavy, bulky, and take up a lot of space on your counter. With the Midori Way Small Bamboo Cutting Board though, you’ll be able to enjoy a cutting board that can easily be stored away yet still offers more than enough space for meal prep.

Then again, this cutting board has a stunning appearance that should be displayed, as it can surely help to enhance the appeal of your kitchen. With plenty of benefits and a stellar aesthetic, the Midori Way Small Bamboo Cutting Board is a great option for professional and at-home kitchens.

The entire purpose behind the Midori Way Small Bamboo Cutting Board is to give you a reliable and safe place to prepare all of the ingredients for your meals without compromising the integrity of your countertop.

Even if you have a counter made out of the strongest natural materials in the world, its sealant will be negatively impacted if you slice, dice, and chop ingredients directly on its surface. This is where your new cutting board comes into play.

This cutting board not only protects your counters from knife damage, but also from juices and stains. Another interesting feature of the Midori Way Small Bamboo Cutting Board is that it was designed as a buffet tray as well, which means that you can use it to display your meats or even baked goods without compromising their delicious appeal.

What We Like

  • ​​Easy to oil and maintain​
  • Has a reversible design
  • Holds up after months of use

What We Don’t Like

  • ​​Doesn’t have non-slip features
  • ​​May require additional sanding

Who Is this Product for?

Nearly any homeowner who has been looking for an alternative to plastic or glass cutting boards will be able to benefit from the Midori Way Small Bamboo Cutting Board. This is especially true if you use professional knives, as materials such as glass and plastic will wear away at the blades over time, forcing you to sharpen your knives more than you could imagine.

On the other hand, since bamboo is a softer type of material, it will help to preserve the sharpness of your tools and cutlery. Bamboo is also a very interesting natural material to have in your kitchen, especially as it has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that ward off mold and bacteria.

Hence, if you’re someone who is always wondering whether your food preparation surfaces are clean enough, by using this bamboo cutting board, you surely won’t have to worry.

​Overview of the Features

The awesome features of the Midori Way Small Bamboo Cutting Board are what set it apart from the competition. Some of our favorite features include:

100% natural construction

There’s no need to worry about toxic ingredients being used to put your bamboo cutting board together, as this model is made using 100% natural ingredients.

Compared to other lesser quality cutting boards, the Midori Way Small Bamboo Cutting Board does not have any formaldehyde or harmful ingredients that will taint the flavor of your food.

Pesticide-free cultivation

When the bamboo for this cutting board was cultivated, you can guarantee that you’re getting top-of-the-line wood that you’ll be able to rely on. Since the Midori Way Small Bamboo Cutting Board is made out of pesticide-free raised bamboo, it’s just an extra step to make sure that you have the safest food preparation surface possible.

Knife-friendly design

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to sharpen your knives at the end of every meal prep, as you would if you were using a glass or plastic cutting board. The bamboo in this board is strong enough to withstand dicing and chopping, but it’s also soft enough to accommodate your knives, similar to other bamboo cutting boards.

​Multi-functional design

Not only will you be able to use your brand new cutting board for preparing meats, fruits, and vegetables, but you can also use it for displaying meals or as an extra protective surface on your counter.

Its versatile design is what makes it incredibly useful for professional and home kitchens alike.

How to Get the Most Out of this Product

Similar to any other cutting board, the most important thing to remember is that you’re going to have to keep your Midori Way Small Bamboo Cutting Board clean. Even though it’s naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, you’ll have to remove dirt and debris from its surface regularly.

With that being said, constantly cleaning the cutting board can also lead to the wood drying out, which is why you’re going to need to oil it as well. To keep your cutting board hydrated, it’s recommended that you use food-grade mineral oil and a soft cloth, as these will offer the perfect amount of hydration without making the board greasy and sour over time.


You can bet that bamboo cutting boards are quite popular, especially with all of the natural properties of the wood. Hence, this just means that there are plenty of alternatives to consider. Compared to the Midori Way Small Bamboo Cutting Board, the Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Cutting Board Set is a reasonable alternative, albeit more expensive.

With the Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Cutting Board Set, you will receive three different cutting boards: a large, medium, and small. Each comes with a handle to make them easier to manage.

Made out of natural bamboo, you’ll also get all of the benefits that the Midori Way cutting board offers when you buy this item from Utopia Kitchen. However, you’ll receive more cutting surfaces than if you were to purchase the single unit.

Don’t miss out our article on the “​Best Cutting Board for Meat of 2021: Complete Reviews with Comparisons“, for more ​cutting board choices.


If you’re looking for a cutting board that offers a high-quality experience when preparing your food, then the Midori Way Small Bamboo Cutting Board is a great product to have at your disposal.

With the ability to help you prepare various ingredients without having to worry about damaging either the cutting board or your knives, as soon as you receive it, you’ll wonder how you were able to prepare food before owning it.

Resistant against cracking and warping, it’s definitely one of the best cutting boards on the market.

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