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What to Use to Clean Stainless Steel Grills: Helpful Summer Hacks

Stainless steel appliances are one of the most popular types of cooking essentials. Today, more than half the kitchen appliances available are made from a percentage of stainless steel, if not, they at least have a stainless-steel coating. As you can imagine, stainless steel grills are one of the favourite choices when it comes to producing deliciously prepared meats.

However, after multiple grilling sessions, one will find the need to clean the grill. Cleaning stainless steel requires basic knowledge, as it’s very easy to permanently damage or scrape the grill

Thus, we will teach you what to use to clean stainless steel grills.

Why Can’t You Wash Stainless Steel Using Normal Tools and Solutions?

Stainless steel isn’t like most materials. While it’s very durable, it often lacks protection. The exterior of stainless steel appliances often is prone to scratching, scraping, and becoming deformed or damaged.

If you were to use a brush to clean the appliance, you’d find that the stainless steel coating would have scratches and would start to peel. The same goes for chemical cleaners; they can cause discoloration, stains, and more. Let’s be real, stainless steel grills aren’t cheap, which is why it’s best to preserve the grill for the next years to come.

What to Use to Clean Stainless Steel Grills?

When it comes to cleaning your grill, most manufacturers will have a recommended list of what cleaning solutions will be best. If you don’t know where the instruction manual of your grill is, or your grill didn’t come with one, then it’s best to find the manufacturer’s website and get guidance from there. The support team or customer service can point you in the correct direction of what type of cleansers are best for that grill.

That said, big-name companies such as Weber or CharBroil suggest that it’s best to use a stainless-steel cleaning solution or to use a mild liquid detergent. These chemicals are safe to use and won’t produce any stains, discoloration, or damages.

Always Use Cloth

If you’re planning to scrub your grill, only use soft or microfiber cloth as they have the softest exterior. Any towels that have scrubbing surfaces, dots, or feature woven designs can be too rough on the grill, leading to small scrapes and scratches.

The same goes for paper towels; while they are soft to the touch, they still include a scrubbing texture that can damage the surface of the stainless steel. Never use steel wool pads or brushes to clean, even if you’re trying to get grime and dirt off the grill, as these will cause the most damage.

Use Gentle Cleaners

While it may not really seem obvious to most people, stainless steel cleaning solutions are sold at your local stores or can be found in furniture appliance stores. This makes them easily accessible, which means there’s no excuse for not using the right type of cleaner.
Going to kitchen appliance stores often is more helpful, as their employees will be able to find a cleanser that fits your model of grill. These solutions are made from gentle chemicals which have a neutral pH formula that won’t damage the surface.

Stainless steel cleaners are the quickest solutions to keeping your grill clean and can fight against fingerprints, smudges, grease, and leftover food particles. A bonus is that most stainless steel cleaners also come with a polish additive, which gives your grill that traditional stainless steel shine.

The last type of cleanser is the gentle dish soap mixed with water. If you can’t find any stainless steel cleaners, then this is an excellent alternative. Always use those that don’t explicitly say grease fighting or contain other harsh chemicals. Avoid bleach and strong detergents at any cost, and never under any circumstances apply it to your stainless steel grill.

Use the Proper Technique

To clean your grill, add a few drops of your chosen cleanser into a bowl of water and mix well. Dip the soft cloth in the water and use the mixture to clean your grill. After which, wash off any extra soap suds with water, and then wipe your grill dry with a clean, soft cloth.


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